Please read carefully before using this service.

By using or logging onto the service, you are deemed to have read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as outlined below.

1. Definitions

The Public Access terminals and Public Wireless Hotspot services are provided by Access WiFi Ltd  trading as IKS Internet services (IKS). Broadband Internet service provision to sites is via a number of independent upstream Service Providers. While the service is primarily provided for guests staying at sites such as holiday parks, backpackers and cafes; the service may be available to nearby, or casual users.

2. WiFi Compatibility and System Requirements

IKS has worked hard to provide standards based WiFi Internet access. Most modern operating systems like Windows, Apple OS, iOS, Android, Linux etc will work. The system works with most recent web browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer Chrome and Safari as well as their derivatives. No other special software is required.  For Wireless service, a built-in wireless device or external wireless device is required. DHCP (Automatically obtain IP and DNS settings) must be set so that the computer/laptop, or device can automatically obtain the correct network settings.

It is the users responsibility to ensure that the device has the necessary software to gain access to the Internet and that it is set up correctly. Access WiFi Ltd, or any of its associated site owners are not responsible for, and cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the Service with your device.

The Public Hotspot Service is a public, shared network. At most sites bandwidth (speed) available to users is capped, depending on the available broadband capabilities. At some of our busy sites, we also reserve the right to prioritize data traffic to ensure all users get a fair share for web browsing.

The Public Hotspot Service is not suitable for large, continuous file downloads, and is also NOT recommended for Internet Banking or transferring other sensitive information.

If you have difficulties with using the Public Hotspot Service, please refer to the Support section of the IKS website.

3. Sessions, Fees, Charges, Delivery, Refunds and Payment

You may either purchase a voucher from reception or the office of the site hosting our service. Alternatively, you may purchase a plan online. You will be presented with the range of plans when you click the Credit Card sign-up button.

Vouchers or plans are either “minutes-based” or “expiry-based” plans. Plans maybe renewed (topup) … But data on all plans cannot be “rolled-over”

For sessions on minutes-based plans the minutes and data-allocation starts from the time the user first logs in. Users may log in and out at anytime for up to the number of minutes remaining, until the minutes or data-allocation runs out, which ever comes first. The popup status window shows you the minutes & data remaining.

Expiry-based plans expire on a fixed date or when the data-allocation runs out, whichever comes first. The expiry date is set at the time the user first logs in according to the time-period on the plan (voucher). Users may log in an unlimited number of times until the expiry date is reached (or the data-allocation runs out.) The popup status window shows you the expiry date/time & data remaining.

Multiple devices may be used, however generally a session is for one device (computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone) only at a time. To use additional devices simultaneously, a new plan (or voucher) will need to be purchased for each of these devices.

You agree to pay any fees and charges, including applicable taxes, incurred in connection with the provision of Internet access, in accordance with the rates, terms, and payment procedures established by IKS, and its partner sites. The rates and terms may be amended by IKS, and/or its partner sites at any time, but will always be available to the user before signup.

All vouchers purchased are available at the time of purchase. Your voucher will be emailed to the address you entered at the time of purchase. If you have entered an incorrect email address, you can contact our support team if a copy is required.

Your voucher detail will be emailed immediately following the purchase. There are no associated shipping costs for emailed vouchers.

A refund will not be available due to causes beyond our reasonable control, such as: power outages,  weather conditions, force majeure, failure of your equipment, or where we may terminate a service. Refund applications will be processed at our discretion.

 Kiosk internet terminals are coin-operated only (at this stage)

4. Limited Free Access

Some sites may provide limited free Wireless access in designated areas or an entire site. If available, you will be presented with a “Free demo” or “Free trial” button on the login screen. To continue using the Internet you will need to purchase a voucher to regain access. Alternatively you may use a Credit Card to purchase more time (If available).

5. Security

This service employs firewall technology to prevent low level attacks from outside. It does not employ any high level filtering or virus scanning. Users are expected to keep their computers up to date with the latest security patches, including virus and malware scanners. The firewall does not protect against malicious software, Trojans, worms or virus attacks that result from content or files that you may down-load.

We do not process or store any sensitive information about you or your credit card. We utilise a trusted 3rd party payment gateway (eWay) to process all online payments.

Users of our shared public service (kiosks and wifi) are not advised to access or send data of a highly sensitive nature.

6. Liabilities

Under no circumstances shall Access WiFi Ltd, or any of its associated sites, be liable to users of this service for any indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from loss of use, lost profits, lost revenue, or damages to third parties as a result of use of the IKS Public Hotspot network and/or the Internet link associated with it.

Outages on the Internet are beyond the control of IKS and the Internet Service Provider. Such outages may be, but not limited to, the inability to send Email to certain destinations, failure to reach or access certain networks or servers, failure of certain protocols to function and other network related failures that may render the service unusable for specific tasks.

IKS undertakes to stay across unexpected network outages, providing service restoration information where possible.

7. Content and Conduct Violations

IKS or the site owner may terminate your account for any of the following:

* wilfully disrupting network service on the IKS network or anywhere else
* gaining unlawful access to any site, network or host (computer)
* posting or viewing any unlawful content
* conducting yourself inappropriately on the Internet
* fraudulent activities

Inappropriate Internet conduct includes but is not limited to:

* sending unsolicited “junk” mailings or unsolicited bulk mailings,
* posting commercial messages to Usenet news groups,
* cross posting to more than 10 Usenet news groups,
* posting messages which are off topic for the Usenet news group to which they are addressed,
* posing as another user in on-line communications,
* sending chain letters or
* continuing to use your device after being made aware of the device being compromised.

8. Content

Users are advised that New Zealand has legislation governing the viewing, distribution, down-loading and storing of material of an explicit nature. The user of this Service is solely responsible for their online conduct and material downloaded, stored or distributed. It is strongly advised that children be supervised when using this service.

The Internet is a very public forum, and some material posted may be offensive to some people. Neither IKS, any of its associated sites impose any filtering of the Internet access, except for content that may be blocked as a result of directions by Internet service providers through Government Legislation. Neither IKS, nor any of its associated sites assume any liability for any claims resulting from access to products, services or content available on the Internet.

IKS may pass log files, and other information pertaining to the usage of this service, to Law Enforcement Agencies, if requested to do so by such Agencies.

9. Privacy and Personal information

Neither IKS or its associated sites will collect any private data flowing through the system. Any data stored on the system for the purpose of managing a users account and session data, will be kept in accordance with provisions of The Privacy Act.

10. Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by New Zealand law, Where any specific provisions in these Terms & Conditions conflict with other applicable Laws, those specific provisions will be overridden by the applicable Law. All other provisions in these Term & Conditions will remain in effect.

11. Waiver

Failure by IKS to exercise any of its rights shall not be a waiver or forfeiture of any such rights.

12. No Warranty

IKS and its associated sites make no warranties of any kind for the Service or network, the reliability of transmissions over common carriers, the capacity of common carriers, the security of messages, data or files, or the delivery of messages, data or files.


13. Indemnification