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Wi-fi Broadband Hotspot

Wireless high-speed Internet can be purchased for 24/7 access, offering Internet access to wireless-enabled devices such as laptops, and other mobile devices.

The Wireless Broadband is purchased through prepay voucher or a credit card, simply open your browser on your laptop and you will be redirected to a webpage that will direct you to the login/payment screen for your wireless internet.

All major credit cards are accepted – Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Our customers say:

Thank you for providing such an excellent system. We have tried other systems which caused many problems and did not give our customers a good product. We wanted a system which would operate hassle free and you have provided this. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your friendly back up service gives us great confidence in your product. We highly recommend your service.

Helen Borcovsky

Richmond Motel and Top 10 Holiday Park

Users get more bang (data) for their buck.

Accounts can be purchased with a credit card for daily, weekly, or monthly access; or users can purchase prepay cards. They are fantastic value for money as the user can log off and on as many times on the same voucher at many of our numerous sites.

No downloading of any special software or hardware required

IKS will work with you to find out the best solution for you and your guests. If you are interested in a wireless solution, we will visit your site and discuss all the options with you.