Q Box Motorhome Park

(03) 441 1567

21 Bowen Street Queenstown

Qbox is an unusual and quite funky place! An immediately striking feature is that all of the buildings are made from shipping containers. Unusual, but it works surprisingly well. The parking spots are on several levels. There's not a lot of grass around, but mainly gravel and local stone. A feature is the stream running through the center of the property which gives a nice feel. There is also enough space between spots to give a sense of relative privacy. The cluster of shipping container buildings holds all the usual amenities. There are separate mens and womens bathrooms, a communal lounge (complete with tv and comfy sofas) and a well-equipped kitchen. There are also laundry facilities and access to phone and internet. Queenstown's only supermarket is just a few minutes' walk away. QBox is also an agent for the Spaceship campervan.

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